Alzheimer Adult Daycare Center Program

Signs of Alzheimer's Disease?

Memory loss
Poor judgment leading to bad decisions
Loss of spontaneity and sense of initiative
Taking longer to complete normal daily tasks
Trouble handling money and paying bills
Wandering and getting lost
Mood and personality changes
Losing things or misplacing them in odd places
Increased anxiety and/or aggression

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common type of dementia. It causes a gradual decline of cognitive abilities, everyday functioning and personality. Early symptoms may include forgetfulness (conversations, recent events and names) and difficulty learning new information. Other symptoms include disorientation, confusion, word-finding difficulties, misplacing items, and changes in personality or behavior. Alzheimer’s Disease is the result of changes in the brain.

Call 973-798-8867 to find how we can help family members of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Services After Enrollment

Door-to-Door Transportation
Hot, Nutritious Meals and Snacks
Medical and Nursing Services
Manicurist and Hairdresser
Library and Quiet Room
Free Wifi
100% Covered by Medicaid (Private Pay Also Accepted)
Games and Group Activities
Educational Classes
Field Trips and Parties